Concrete tank model

Metal tank model

Our dissolved air flotation consists of a circular shape tank. In the influent pipeline, the incoming raw water is mixed with the micro bubbles produced by the pressurization system. Then the raw water enters the center distributor and flows slowly in to the flotation tank. The fine micro bubbles are entrapped inside the flocks and carry them to the water surface. The floated particles are accumulated on the surface and are concentrated by the buoyancy force given by the micro air bubbles.

The floated sludge removal system is extremely important, as it is necessary to remove sludge with a great lightness. These solids are taken up by the rotating scoop and are poured in to the stationary center section where they are discharged by gravity either for recycling or disposal. It is possible to regulate the number of immersion of the rotating scoop by an inverter able to modify the RPM of the motor of the rotating scoop. It is also possible to decide the immersion degree of the spiral scoop modifying the water level in the flotation tank. This design allows the floated sludge to be removed at the highest consistency.

The heavier particles settle quickly on the tank floor. A suspended bottom scraper supported by the rotating bridge scrapes continuously the sludge in to a built in sump. A temporized automatic valves for periodic purging discharges the settled particles. The clarified water formed between the floated and settled zone is extracted through a clarified water pipe ring installed close to the radial tank wall. A telescopic adjustable weir installed on the side of the tank maintains the level inside the tank. It is also possible to install an automatic level control composed by a butterfly valve, pneumatic actuator and a valve positioner all controlled by a small data processor. The system is available in many configurations.

A             Clarified water outlet                      E              Sediment discharge

B             Waste water inlet                             F              Flotation unit drain

C             Floated sludge discharge                G             Pressurized water inlet

D             Recycle water