The KROFTA DAFFI, a new and unique series of a flotation / filtration system represents the latest technology for the cleaning of various process streams to remove both undisclosed and dissolved substances, precipitated by chemical treatment using advanced dissolved air flotation technology.

It combines in an ideal manner the dissolved air technology with flocculation, filtration over a dual media (Hydro anthracite / Quartz sand) the “on-line” backwash of the filter bed without interruption of the production of clean water.

A programmable control system  (PLC) provides an optimum of performance, which is far superior to conventional systems.

The pre-cleared water passes through the dual media filter bed where remaining suspended solids are hold back and clarified water with very low turbidity can be obtained.The filtered and clarified water is extracted through the extraction nozzles on the filter bottom and collected in the circular pipe on the outside of the tank wall from where it is lead to the back-wash tank a section of the clear water-tank. The floating sludge forms a blanket on top of the water and is continuously removed off by the patented spiral scoop placed on the rotating carriage. The discharge of the sludge is effected via the central sludge cone.