Air Dissolving Tube – ADT

The unique Air Dissolving Tube – ADT (Patent Pending) is a compact device which rapidly mixes and dissolves air into pressurized water. Water enters the tube through an inlet nozzle (A) which increases the water velocity while directing it tangentially to spiral inside the tube.

The inlet nozzle size is calibrated for the required flow allowing flow rate measurement by differential pressure through the tube using a pressure gauge (B). Replaceable porous plastic panels (C) that are installed inside the tube distribute the air over a large surface area for contact with the spiraling water. The rapid mixing of the air and water under pressure dissolves the air into the water. Any air which is not dissolved collects in the air pocket or center vortex in the tube (D) and excess air is removed by the ‘’Bleed-off’’ vent (E). The dissolving tube can be installed in either the horizontal or vertical position. The tube size and quantity of panel which vary in order provide a range of ADT sizes to meet specific flow requirements.