Dr. Milos Krofta

Ing. Urs Arnold

Founded over 50 years ago by Dr Milos Krofta, the company started by building water treatment and fiber recovery installations for the paper industry. With an extensive installed base, in all continents, the name has become almost synonymous with the industry itself.

While the paper sector still forms a significant part of its business, in the last six decades the company has developed and deployed a considerable range of water clarification equipment and technologies across multiple industries and municipal applications. The company has gradually evolved over the years to meet these growing markets. All plants are manufactured in our partner’s workshops in Europe and the Americas.

KROFTA designs and manufactures equipment and systems for drinking water and wastewater for most industrial and municipal applications. It is considered one of the pioneers of the Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) technology. It is the world’s oldest construction company of DAF plants.

Its headquarters is located in Lugano, Switzerland, where its founder Dr. Milos Krofta started his company, which became world renowned company as today.

In the early 90s, Krofta Engineering was renamed in Krofta Waters Inc. (KWI) and then a new Group with KWI Corp. AG. Was created to incorporate companies, people, assets and intellectual property.

Previously responsible for the Latin American market, in 2002 Dr. Urs Arnold withdrew the Swiss company and also create the Krofta America Latina SA in order to give a special attention and direct presence in the South American market.