Micro-pollution treatment

Following instructions from Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, regarding the raising problem about the presence of micropollutants in the wastewater and its fate during the wastewater treatment process, environmental companies and WWTPs have started to investigate their roles in the future on the respect to this topic.

Krofta as worldwide leader in the flotation technology recognized the market opportunity, therefore has started with the piloting using the Powdered Activated Carbon as adsorption material and flotation as solid/liquid separation method. Together with operators from WWTP Visp (VS) first pilot tests have begun in the 2011 although the WWTP Visp did 3 days test in the year 2010. WWTP Visp has been chosen as appropriate place for the pilot plant since there is an existing DAF unit in operation and the load considering micropollution was high due to the chemical company Lonza. After Visp, the pilot plant was operated in Bioggio (TI) and Sissach (BL).

The results achieved during piloting should give the opportunity to Krofta to take a part of the national market on the respect to micropollution removal, since from the begingin of 2016 it starts the implementation of the new law about the micropollution removal. As the Switzerland is a pioneer in this topic, Krofta is counting on EU and international market in next years as well.